Locked door 2018-09-25T13:16:46+01:00

Did you lose your keys or were you stolen?

So are you stuck behind your door that is locked?

Here the destructive method is needed.

I use my destructive methods to limit the damage and make the replacement as cheap as possible. Indeed, many locks can replace the part where you insert the key (the cylinder or barrel). This avoids having to replace the entire lock.

I advise you to call me and send a picture by mms or what’s app of your lock and your key if you still have it. This will allow me to identify your needs and I could give you a price for replacing the cylinder or your lock.

Whatever the duration of your intervention, I practice packages and an hourly rate. After our telephone conversation and the agreed price, you send me a confirmation SMS with your details and I promise to come to your place as soon as possible.

You should know that a locked door opening can be long and very noisy for your neighborhood so if there is no emergency I advise you to call me for this type of opening during the day.