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Jowita Serrurier in Paris

The super locksmith who will open your doors slammed and locked everywhere in Paris.


I travel with all my tools and my knowledge to save you without incident and without scams in the shortest time and at the lowest price.


I am looking for my clients’s satisfaction , for that I try to put all my energy in my work.


For an operation in the shortest time, I travel Paris on my super scooter to help you as efficiently as possible.


It is very beneficial to have a faithful steed to sneak up to your home.


And that's what makes the difference! Because a superhero must know how to save you from any situation, and that while keeping the smile.


My rates are agreed in advance and do not change! You know in advance how much cost my intervention.

Do you need a locksmith in Paris or in the suburbs?

Do you fear falling on a locksmith who will make you eat pasta all month long? Rest assured!

Honesty, trust and responsiveness are the keys to my work. I combine quality work with an economical fee schedule. Retain my clientele is my reward! I am very attached to my reputation as a good locksmith. My rates are agreed in advance with my clients and do not change! You know in advance how much it costs you to open your door, whatever the time and difficulty.

Please specify if you call on recommendation!

Jowita really gives of himself! He did not hesitate to spend 2 hours on my lock to  try to repair it to avoid me having to buy one, and having to install it.

Being a student, he really was my savior! I recommend him!

Jowita Serrurier came to repair my door that had been badly damaged by another rogue locksmith who, in addition to having degraded my entire door, has asked me more than 1300 €. With Jowita, I could have a quote for free and my door was repaired in a few hours, it is like new!
I stupidly slammed my door as I went down the garbage cans. I thought I was getting expensive, and finally a friend advised me Jowite Serrurier. He came very quickly and worked flawlessly! In addition he is really nice. Jowita Serrurier the hero of slamming doors!